Conference Details (2021)

NASBC aims to provide a forum for undergraduate and graduate students across North America to share biotechnology research. It is a great opportunity to expand your network and showcase your research project to others in your field. Research will be divided into 8 categories.

Competition & Awards

Four undergraduate and four graduate students across North America will be chosen for an oral presentation. From these students, two (one undergraduate and one graduate student) will be awarded ‘Best Oral Presentation’. A maximum of 80 posters will be chosen for poster presentations. From these presentations, three undergrad posters and three grad posters will be awarded ‘ Top Poster Presentation’. Additionally, one project from each subcategory (ex: Genes & Beyond) will be chosen as the ‘Best Project from Category’. Undergraduate and graduate students will be pooled for the last award.

Schedule & Further Information

Researchers have the option to apply for a poster presentation or an oral presentation. The poster presentations will each be 5 minutes, including a 2 minute Q & A session. The oral presentations will each be 10 minutes, including a 3 minute Q & A session.

Coming Soon…

Speakers and Prizes will be announced soon!

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